MOOC Design 101- Week 009

Тази седмица в заслушена почивка! Весели празници!

Day 57. NO Monday quiz
No Home Work #057- Why don't you share your wish list with us?
Ме: Мy too wishlists are here: part 1 and part 2, but actually I really want #5 from part 1 because a part of me is in Alabama (US) and I didn't see my lovely daughter more than 6 months.
I very very miss & ♥ her!
this is the place ...

Аз: Моите два листа с желания: част 1 и част 2, но аз наистина най-много желая #5 от част 1, мислите ми са все в Алабама. Дъщеря ми ми липсва много, много, много....  

Day 60.
No Home Work

Day 58,59,61,62,63
No Home Work- we relax...

Happy New Year to all!


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