MOOC Design 101- Week 010

 Празниците преминаха, но проектите в онлайн платформата Iversity продължават. Седмица #010 от курса Design 101 (or Design Basics) e посветена на вазите- оразмеряване, сгъване, лепене, чартане, рязане...

... и така, на вазите с любов...

Day 64.- Monday quiz
No Home Work- In the Zone...this week we will be making vases...

Photo: @100 decors
Day 65.
Home Work #65- The Big Party
Choose a vase you like, and look at it with a “measuring” attitude.
Take out your ruler or any other measuring tool and (creatively) write down or illustrate its dimensions.
Once this is done, share a picture of your own measurement system with us. 

hoto: @100 decors

Day 66.
Home Work #66- Sketching an Icon...
Some weeks ago, we introduced you to Google SketchUp.
Today we want you to sketch one vase,
an existing one or one of your own creation.

coming soon...

Day 67.
Home Work #67- A Vase of Card
Today, you will have to create one vase with card or paper.
Cut, paste, staple, glue,
do whatever you need to render your paper material concave!
Start manipulating!

Photo: @100 decors

Day 68.
Home Work #68- Levels of Volume
...Use thick cardboard to create a vase / bowl...

Photo: @100 decors

Day 69.
No Home Work #69- Interaction of Colour with Josef Albers’ “Interaction of Color” application.

me:a little bit fun... :)

via Google

Day 70.
No Home Work #70- Design 101 How-To

coming soon...

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