20 January 2014

MOOC Design 101- Week 012

Тази седмица #012/101 без да имам кой знае каква основателна причина (освен ако вдъхновението, което ме е напуснло, не се брои като такава, и ред други притеснения отностно американското ми приключение...), ще пропусна задачите за домашно които така или иначе, ми се сториха доста незаинтригуващи, скучни и безмислени. Като например да конструирам тента/ шатра/ палатка, да я скицирам, да изляза на публично място и да я сглобя...а, и по тъмно също...
Може и да ги нанаправя тези упражнения, някой ден ако ми е много скучно (в което силно се съмнявам) :)

Day 78. Monday Quiz  
NO Home Work #78- I Cave, Therefore I Am
...Preparing yourself for the week.
From the cave to the outside breeze, we will travel!...

Day 79.
Home Work #79- Umbrellas in the Sun
Plan your tent, your own personal shelter to protect yourself from things. Then, fabricate your shelter’s components.
Share three pictures with us: One of your shelter’s “plan”. One of it’s components. One of notebook's notes.
Day 80.
Home Work #80- Mies in his Museum
... you will assemble the components of your tent.
Start putting the pieces together…

Day 81.
Home Work #81- I Tent, Therefore I Am
...Bring your tent outside. During the day.
Ideally, bring it in a public space.
Set it up, make some final adjustments, enjoy...
and share a picture of the whole tenting experience with us!
Day 82.
Home Work #82- Dancing in Trees
...you carry your tent outside, when it is dark.
Light it up and share a picture with us!

Day 83.
NO Home Work #83- A Strandbeest Welcome
...How would you see your ideal way of living?
Would it be with your tent?...
Me: I took few pictures today for you of still alive but immobile PVC "Strandbeest". My home is very near to these place.

Аз: Направих тези снимки днес за вас на още живия, но неподвижен "Strandbeest" (в превод от нидерландски Плажен звяр). Домът ми се намира на близо.
photo @100 decors

photo @100 decors

photo @100 decors

photo @100 decors

photo @100 decors
Day 84.
No Home Work #84- Space Time Etc.
...From the void to the whole, starting from the infinitesimal.
A place that exists…
Nowhere and everywhere...
Believing in principles and theory...
Posing an hypothesis and letting it go...

MOOC Design 101- Week 010- Telling Stories
MOOC Design 101- Week 011- Road to Nowhere

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