MOOC Design 101- Week 014

Тази седмица беше озаглавена "Ready to show?", освен това бе много синя. Наситена от цветя във всякакви разновидности и конфигурации, естествени, изкуствени, в различни нюанси на синьо. Почти сме към край на онлайн курса Design 1o1 в платформата Iversity. Приготвяме се за финалното изложение, което по първоначални данни ще се състои през април. Подробностите се доуточняват.

Day 92.- Monday quiz
No Home Work- A Gate to the Show 
...Prepare yourself for the week!
The quiz will arrive tomorrow...
Day 93.
Home Work #93- Collecting Across the Board
...In preparation for #blaueblumen, you will collect flowers....

 Me:1) #blaueblumen from last summer in France

2) #blaueblumen from my home garden

3) #blaueblumen from Saturday's market in Delft, the Netherlands

4) #blaueblumen from Amsterdam's Best Flower Market

5) #blaueblumen coat with blue flowers in Gouda, the Netherlands

6) #blaueblumen from Botanic garden TU-Delft, the Netherlands

my #blaueblumen pieces of a chessboard...

Day 94.
Home Work #94-One Flower, Many Flavours
...Organize yesterday’s references and ideas to fabricate your first blue flower.
Your flower should be self-standing....

Day 95.
Home Work #95- A Postcard, A Time, A Place
...from your one blue flower you will make a series of blue flowers. Just like a flower in bloom, with time it changes form,
from closed to open, to closed again....

Day 96.
Home Work #96- Show and Tell will make a web collection of your blue flowers, the ones you made yesterday....

Day 97.
No Home Work #97- The Elastic Mind
 ...Relax and stretch your mind...

Day 98.
No Home Work #98- Dream a little dream
... when we wake up, shall we share with each other what we've seen in our dreams?...

All photos by photos by  ©100 decors

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